AM-SRL: Adhoc Multicast Operation of Supernode-based Reverse Labeling Algorithm

Y. Dong, T. Yang, and D. Makrakis (Canada)


AM-SRL, MANET, Multicast Routing, Supernode


In this paper, Supernode-based Reverse Labeling (SRL), a Quality of Service (QoS) capable routing algorithm for Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs), is extended to offer multicast communication. The algorithm, termed AM-SRL (Adhoc Multicast operation of Supernode-based Reverse Labeling), includes adaptive virtual route selection, tunneling between supernodes and supernode tree maintenance. A supernode tree is adaptively formed on-demand by exploiting the hierarchical structure of SRL and the unicast tunnels between supernodes, which are enabled by reverse labeling algorithm, make the connection between supernodes robust to nodal mobility. Routing efficiency is also considered in AM-SRL. Evaluation method and simulation results are presented to validate the performance and scalability of AM-SRL.

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