Ad Hoc Routing Protocol Setup with On-demand Backup Node

Y.-H. Wang, C.M. Chung, and C.-C. Chuang (Taiwan)


Ad Hoc, routing, backup route, on-demand


Instructureless, and mobility are properties of the ad hoc wireless networks. Each move of the mobile host affects the change of the route of transmission. However, the properties of the ad hoc wireless networks still strike those numerous routing protocols have been developed The Ad Hoc Backup Node Setup Routing Protocol (ABRP) is proposed to lead us pay more attention on the intrinsic properties of the ad hoc wireless networks. It provides more complete consideration will take the quality of routing much well. According to the proposed ABRP, the destination can receive some more routes in a period of time. Those routes, which are more than one routes, from the source node to the des tination node may give us ways to analyze and find some good backup routes to get more help for reconnection when link failure happened. The backup route information can be saved in a specific on-the-route node. As soon as the backup routes can be rapidly found out and trace back these nodes when there would be situations such as disconnection or loss of connection. Moreover, ABRP provides backup node mechanism to reconnect maintenance quickly for fitting the property of the ad hoc wireless networks.

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