Efficient Technique for Distortions Modeling of Broadband Power Amplifiers

W. Bejaoui, F. Choubani, and A. Bouallegue (Tunisia)


Power Amplifier, AM/AM distorsions,AM/PM distorsions


In order to characterize the amplitude and phase distortions of power amplifiers, several methods have been developed for modeling non-linearities of the active components and their effects on transceivers: Volterra series, harmonic balance and behavioral description. These models whose implementation is sometimes difficult, are frequency independent and restricted generally to slightly non-linear systems. To overcome these disadvantages, we present in this work a new behavioral model to describe transfer characteristics (AM/AM and AM/PM) of BroadBand Power Amplifiers (BBPAs). The simple scheme presented here, exhibits the flexibility required for accurateley modeling highly nonlinear BBPAs.

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