Wireless Speech Recognition using Fixed Point Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction (MELP) Vocoder

D. Acar, M. Haydar Karci, H. Gokhan Ilk, and M. Demirekler (Turkey)


Wireless speech recognition, MELP,speech coding, fixed-point arithmetic, speech recognitionaccuracy


1 A bit stream based front-end for wireless speech recognition system that operates on fixed point mixed excitation linear prediction (MELP) vocoder is presented in this paper. Speaker dependent, isolated word recognition accuracies obtained from conventional and bit stream based front-end systems are obtained and their statistical significance is discussed. Feature parameters are extracted from original (wireline) and decoded speech (conventional) and from the quantized spectral information (bit stream) of the MELP vocoder. The recognition accuracies proved that the bit stream based front end gives comparable performance to that obtained from original input speech and is superior than the recognizer obtained from low bit rate decoded speech.

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