A Multilayer Architecture for Optimizing the Handover Call Blocking Probability in Cellular Networks

K. Ioannou, S. Louvros, S. Kotsopoulos, A. Ioannou, and I. Panoutsopoulos (Greece)


Multi-layer architecture, Handover, Call blockingprobability


This letter presents a multi-layer cellular architecture which optimizes the handover call blocking probability performance of High-Speed Moving Terminals (HSMT) in a congested urban area. A micro cellular architecture solution is proposed on lower layer architecture in order to absorb traffic of Low-Speed Moving Terminals (LSMT) and traffic of new calls of HSMT. Higher layer architecture, based on a macro cell umbrella solution, is proposed to absorb the traffic of handoff calls of HSMT. The results show, that using the optimum number of channels in each layer, the handover call blocking probability of HSMT is optimized with the minimum effect on the call blocking probability of the rest calls.

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