An Efficient Reliable Multicasting Protocol for Micro-cellular Wireless Networks

D. Kim (USA), J. Park, and Y. Choi (Korea)


Wireless Network Standards and Protocols, Wireless LAN, Reliable Multicast, Dynamic LeaderElection


A reliable multicasting protocol needs to perform the efficient group communication in the micro-cellular wireless networks. In particular, the CTS(or ACK) ex plosion from the group receivers should be addressed so as to provide all members with the reliability of the data transmitted. Recently, some reliable multicast protocols have been devised to solve the explosion problem : Leader-Based Protocol(LBP) and Random Leader-Based Protocol(RLBP). However, LBP experiences the overhead of maintaining a leader in a cell. While this kind of overhead can be overcome by RLBP utilizing the leader randomly selected during the group communication, RLBP has its disadvantage of the possibility of the occurrence of multiple leaders in the cell. In this paper, we modify the basic RLBP to avoid the occurrence of multiple leaders as well as to overcome the overhead of leader election. Simulation results enable our proposed protocol to be used for an efficient reliable multicasting protocol in the networks.

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