Adaptive Allocation of Resources based on Real-time Network Load in 3G Wireless Communication Network

M.-S. Hsieh, C.-N. Lee, C.-W. Chiang, and M.-S. Jian (Taiwan)


Wireless Network, Multimedia Communication, Call Admission Control, and Resource Allocation


In this paper, we propose a call admission control algorithm and an adaptive allocation of resources algorithm for 3G wireless multimedia data transmission. The proposed CAC algorithm uses a measurement-based method by measuring real-time network load to modulate the parameters of the CAC algorithm and to decide whether or not to accept a call. Taking advantage of the proposed CAC and AAR algorithms, the desired quality of service (QoS) can be maintained, the call forced termination probabilities can be reduced, and call completion probabilities can be increased. Compared with the competing algorithm, the proposed CAC algorithm and the AAR algorithm can forward a call with higher priority to obtain relative higher QoS.

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