A Study of Effective Utilization of Label Space over MPLS Network Title

S.-W. Lee and K.-J. Han (Korea)


Multiprotocol label switching(MPLS), label switching, ATM.


The label switching technology offers high-performance and flexibility for packet forwarding at layer 3 using the fixed length label information. In Multiprotocol Label Switching(MPLS), a label switching router(LSR) forwards layer 3 packets based on their label information mapped to the layer 3 address information. LSR requires one label per packet stream. If there are not enough labels for transmitting datagrams via the LSR, the switching rate will be reduced which may cause misordered transmission of datagrams. So, evaluation of the required number of labels is very important for implementation and scalability of LSR. We propose an algorithm to effectively use label space by multiple disconnect timers at the label switching router. For this, we first investigate the relation of packet arrival rate and disconnect timer. In our algorithm, we classify incoming flows and assign the different timeout values based on their packet inter arrival rates. Multiple disconnect timers reduce the amount of packets which will be forwarded using layer 3. Simulation results indicate that our algorithm offers better performance than the existing ones in terms of utilization of label space without sacrificing the switching rate.

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