Finite State Machines for Information Collection and Assessment on High-Speed Data Networks

P.C. Hershey and C.B. Silio (USA)


Network Management, Performance, Network Services, Network Design.


Accurate and timely information collection is the primary enabler for effective high-speed data network management and services. Information assessment for these emerging networks is computationally intensive to the point of stressing both technology and network architecture. General-purpose processors are inadequate for both collection and assessment because they cannot keep pace with the speed of the communications media (up to and beyond petabit-per-second rates). At best, they can provide “off-line,” non-real-time computation, assessment, and response. However, network operators need to assess this information to make network services decisions in real-time, at the speed of the network. This paper presents an FSM-based method to provide real-time information collection and assessment of data network performance and service indicators. This method takes advantage of re-programmable hardware in order to provide both the speed and the flexibility to adapt to changing network conditions.

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