MacSim – A Framework for MAC and LAC Protocols Analysis on 3G Mobile Communication Systems

L.H. Rezende Barbosa and G.R. Mateus (Brazil)


3G systems, MAC/LAC Protocol Analysis Tool


Traditional MAC and LAC protocols for cellular commu nication systems were designed to deal only with voice and rudimentary data services. With the advent of third generation mobile communication systems for personal communication (3G systems), new 3G services had being envisaged and are now are becoming available. These 3G services impose different packet traffic patterns on the lower layer protocols when compared with traditional personal communication services. In this paper, we de scribe the MacSim environment, a framework created to help protocol designers in the analysis of the 3G service impact on MAC and LAC protocols for mobile communi cation systems. In addition, we analyze the behavior of the CDMA/PRMA protocol when submitted to the packet traffic generated by Web browsing services. We present a series of scenarios, where the impact of the Web packet presence is discussed, along with a new variant for this protocol. This variant aims to increase the original proto col performance when dealing with Web packet traffic.

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