A Software based Indoor Relative Location Management System

Z.G. Zhou, A. Seneviratne, R. Chan, and P. Chumchu (Australia)


Location management techniques, mobile tracking, wireless networks, ad-hoc networks


Wireless local area networks (WLANs) are becoming more popular with the availability of the IEEE802.11 standard and relatively low cost equipment which conform to it. Together with the deployment of next generation wireless networks are expected enable the users to be "always-connected". To exploit the benefits of being always connected, it will be necessary and desirable to provide location-based services to mitigate the differences in operating environment and to enhance the provided services. The provision of location based services is predicated upon the system being able to determine the location of the mobile devices. Current location determination schemes rely on additional hardware to establish the location. However these hardware-based schemes are expensive and difficult to configure. This paper presents a software based location management scheme which exploits the fact that indoor environments will have fixed devices at known locations, to achieve greater accuracy than any of the schemes that have been proposed to date. The viability and the accuracy of the system are demonstrated through a prototype implementation.

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