Dynamic Web Pages for Location-based Services

S.-Z. Yu, B.L. Mark, and H. Kobayashi (USA)


Dynamic pages, Location-based services, Mobility tracking


In recent years, provisioning for location-based services (LBS) has become a hot topic in the area of wireless networking. Web pages provided by wireless service providers will include advertising information that is related to the locations of mobile users and the web content requested by them. This paper describes a scheme for dynamically determining which web pages are most relevant to a mobile user based on the user’s location, moving direction and velocity, etc. The objective is to increase the efficiency of the advertising and to reduce the number of browsing steps that a user takes before retrieving the desired content. The scheme is based on a hidden Markov model and state estimation techniques to track the user’s location, moving direction, and velocity in real-time. The estimated parameters are used to compute the probabilities with which the mobile user may access different advertisements and web pages. These access probabilities can be used by the wireless service provider to determine optimal cache/prefetch policies and to generate dynamic web pages that are location-aware.

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