Reconfigurable Radio: How to Make Multimedia Mobile

R. Kokozinski, D. Greifendorf, J. Stammen, and P. Jung (Germany)


Receiver and transmitter design (WCSD ’02), reconfigurable radio, software defined radio, design paradigm.


On the way to mobile software defined radio (SDR) terminals, a change of the design philosophy for appropriate microelectronics is necessary. The desired flexibility or reconfigurability must be provided under the constraint of a low power consumption, a low bill of materials and small size. This communication discusses a novel design paradigm for SDR hardware development which will help in paving the way towards reconfigurable or software defined radio. As an example, the authors shall present a novel transceiver architecture which can be implemented in regular CMOS technology. Finally, a comparison of frequency and timing correction strategies in a conventional architecture and in the novel architecture shall be briefly discussed.

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