QoS Management for Adaptive Applications Supporting Mobility and End-to-end Guarantees

M. Matthes, J. Bachmann, O. Drobnik, and U. Krieger (Germany)


Mobile Computing, QoS Management, Adaptive Applications


Motivated by the current integration of radio access net works and the IP-based high-speed data communication in core networks, we have developed a new quality-of-service management concept for mobile environments. Following the IntServ service model, it provides resource reservation, control and signaling mechanisms and is able to interwork with RSVP in the backbone. The most important new fea ture is its capability to cooperate with adaptive applications that can adjust their traffic generation processes according to the varying conditions in a mobile environment. We have implemented and validated the concept in a testbed pro vided by an IEEE802.11b compatible wireless LAN with Mobile IP. The stated experiments with a new adaptive ver sion of the video conference tool Vic reveal the feasibility and performance gains of our approach.

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