Call Admission Control and Class Assignment in Hybrid IntServ/DiffServ Networks

S. Valaee (Canada)


Call Admission Control, Quality-of-Service, Service Curve Provisioning, IntServ, DiffServ, High-speed Networks, Virtual Network Partitioning


This paper introduces a call admission controller for inte grated services (IntServ) and differentiated services (Diff Serv) networks. The approach is based on the worst-case service curve provisioning. The service curve, in gen eral, is a stochastic function that moves with the fluctu ation of input traffics. We define a deterministic univer sal service curve that is independent of the traffic fluctu ations. The paper instruments an elegant call admission controller to guarantee that the true service curve is always lower bounded by the universal service curve. The quality of-service (QoS) parameters — maximum delay and max imum backlog — are then calculated with respect to the deterministic bound.

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