An Adaptive Web System for Heterogeneous Browsing Devices

M.-E. Lin and R.-H. Jan (Taiwan)


Mobile Internet, WAP, User Agent Profile, Content Adaptation


With the development of information technology, the popularity of Internet is out of our imagination, and communication devices are characterized by various capabilities. Facing to the diversity of communication devices and environments, Internet content providers must offer the most adequate services relevant with individual characteristics. Composite Capabilities and Preference Profiles (CC/PP), proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is a protocol of describing a client’s capabilities and environments. WWW clients convey capabilities and preferences by means of CC/PP exchange protocol, and then capabilities negotiation is made. In this paper, an adaptive web system, which can adapt various capabilities and preferences of clients, is proposed. In addition, a well-designed content generator in our system produces adequate responses according to CC/PP descriptions. Thus, content personalization is realized and network payloads are alleviated indirectly.

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