A MPLS Framework for Macro- and Micro-mobility Management

K. Xie and V.C.M. Leung (Canada)


MPLS, IP mobility management


Mobile IP (MIP) provides a global framework for IP mobility management; however, it is not suitable for micro-mobility environments. Many domain-based micro mobility management schemes have been proposed to overcome the limit of MIP. All these scheme delegate to MIP for inter-domain mobility. Recently there is a trend to use Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to deal with mobility management. However, macro- and micro mobility functions are treated separately. In this paper, we propose an architecture using MPLS for integrated macro and micro-mobility management. Novel techniques are proposed to facilitate Label Switch Path (LSP) setup to support Differentiated and Integrated Services. Based on the proposed architecture, we also present route optimization and paging methods.

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