Proactive Mobility for Future IP Wireless Access Networks

T. Pagtzis and P. Kirstein (UK)


Proactive Mobility, Seamlessness, Cell bounce effects, ping-pong effects, context transfer, state relocation, Tentative care-of address, multicast, mobility neighbourhood,routing neighbourhood, IP roaming state, tentative mobility matrix


This paper presents an architecture and protocol in support of proactive mobility for future IP Wireless Access Net works (IP-WANs). It encompasses a novel approach for seamless handoff and proactive relocation of IP roaming state. The latter establishes a generic substrate for proac tive state relocation of different context classes relating to the state of IP connectivity for a mobile node (MN). To address such form of IP mobility, the proposed model identifies a tentative mobility matrix (TMM), which represents an accurate mapping between a mobility neigh bourhood vector (MNV), surrounding the current point of attachment of an MN and the correct underlying rout ing neighbourhood vector (RNV), over arbitrary routing topologies. Sustained IP connectivity is achieved by introducing a 1-neighbour-lookahead (1-NL) view of IP roaming state derived from the established TMM component; seamless ness is pursued through mapping of the 1-NL component to some tentative care-of address (tCoA) onto the IP Mul ticast domain; this allows abstracting a plurality of candi date care-of address instantiations of the MN onto a single handoff routing identifier.

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