Minimizing Number of FBGS in Optical Switches using Redirectional Circulators

M.R. Madani and S. Palakodety (USA)


Circulator, fiber Bragg grating, add–drop multiplexer, wavelength-division multiplexing, MEMS.


In a design of the 2x2 re-configurable optical Wavelength Cross-connect (WXC) switch, we have investigated the minimum number of reflections and minimum number of used fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) filters. The number of circulators and FBGs add to the loss of transmitted power and cost of the optical network. In minimizing the number of reflections in an optical switch with four re-directional circulators, all possible directions of the circulators with all possible placement of the FBG in the switch are considered. We have addressed these issues for possible practical applications in large re configurable optical cross-connects (OXCs) routers.

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