Cost-effective Approaches for Circuit Construction in WDM SONET Rings

L. Li, S. Scott, and J. Deogun (USA)


SONET, WDM, SADM, traffic grooming, circuit construction, simulated annealing


High speed SONET rings are widely used as network in frastructure. In WDM/SONET rings, the SONET add/drop multiplexers (SADMs) can significantly increase the over all system cost. By traffic grooming, the number of SADMs as well as the number of wavelengths required can be reduced dramatically. Generally, traffic grooming in cludes two parts: circuit construction and circuit grooming. Efficient circuit construction will help minimize not only the number of wavelengths but also the number of SADMs. In this paper, we focus on developing improved approaches for circuit construction under static traffic patterns, using hill climber and simulated annealing. Our algorithms show good results compared to previous work.

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