On the Joint Routing and Wavelength Planning in WDM Networks

S. Chamberland (Canada)


Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks,wavelength planning, link routing metric assignment, optimization model, tabu-search heuristic algorithm


In this paper, we tackle the joint routing and wavelength planning in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) net works. This problem consists to find the number of wave lengths on each link and the routing metrics that ensure the routing of all virtual wavelength paths (VWPs) and the suc cessful rerouting of the reliable VWPs for all failure sce narios of interest to the network planner. The objective is to minimize the wavelength utilization cost. An optimiza tion model is proposed as well as a tabu-search heuristic algorithm to obtain quasi-optimal solutions for real-size in stances of the problem in a reasonable amount of time. Nu merical results are presented and the quality of the solutions is calculated using a proposed lower bound. The results il lustrate that quasi-optimal solutions can be found using the proposed tabu-based heuristic.

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