Building Efficient Bluetooth Scatternet Topologies from 1-Factors

S. Baatz, C. Bieschke, M. Frank, P. Martini, C. Scholz, and C. Kühl (Germany)


Bluetooth, Scatternet, Topology, Network Formation, AdHoc Network, Perfect Matching


Bluetooth introduces ad hoc connectivity into the personal area. Although only the basic single-hop star-shaped topology called piconet is currently available, Bluetooth will surely evolve towards multi-hop connectivity in the near future. These multi-hop networks (called scatternets) offer a wide range of possible topologies. In this paper it is argued that the overall efficiency of scatternets heavily depends on the specific network topology employed. Furthermore, we introduce a class of network topologies that are efficient with respect to the aggregate bandwidth possible. A distributed algorithm for automatic network establishment is outlined.

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