Bluerings – Bluetooth Scatternets with Ring Structures

C.-C. Foo and K.-C. Chua (Singapore)


Bluetooth, scatternets, topology, network_formation.


A multi-hop ad-hoc network can be formed out of Bluetooth capable devices through the use of scatternets. Many topologies can be deployed for scatternets; the most commonly proposed topology in the literature being a tree. We propose the use of a ring structure for a Bluetooth scatternet. We provide qualitative arguments that describe the advantages of using a ring structure in terms of its added reliability, ease of packet routing and low scatternet scheduling overheads. We then present quantitative results that compare the expected traffic performance of a Bluetooth ring (BlueRing) scatternet against a representative Bluetooth tree scatternet. Finally, we also describe and evaluate two distributed algorithms that can be used to form a BlueRing scatternet out of Bluetooth devices.

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