An Efficient Multi-slot Transmission Scheme for Bluetooth Systems

C.Y. Lee and K.W. Sung (Korea)


Bluetooth, Throughput, Multi-slot Packet, Mini-slot ErrorProbability, and Maximum Likelihood Estimator (MLE)


Bluetooth is an open specification for a technology to enable short-range wireless communications. Bluetooth uses a frequency hopping with a slot length of 625 ┬Ás. Each slot corresponds to a packet and multi-slot packets of 3 or 5 slots can be transmitted to enhance the transmission efficiency. However, the use of multi-slot packet may degrade the performance under the high channel error probability. Thus, the length of multi-slot should be adjusted according to the current channel condition. In this paper, we propose an efficient multi-slot transmission scheme which adaptively determines the optimal length of slots for a packet according to the channel error probability. We derive the throughput of a Bluetooth connection and develop the decision criteria and the decision rule which give the optimal length of the multi-slot. Maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) is used to estimate the channel error probability.

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