A Practical Analysis using the Wavelet Transform for High Resolution Radar Signal Processing

T. Le-Tien (Vietnam)


Geometrical Theory of Diffraction, Wavelet Transform, Stepped-Frequency Radar, Scattering Center,Doppler Frequency, Radar Target Recognition, Antenna Measurement Station, Anechoic Chamber.


The paper presents a practical and theoretical analysis based on the Wavelet transform and Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (GTD) model for high resolution radar signal processing. It focuses on the recognized target imaging using the stepped-frequency technique for experimental objects in electromagnetic microwaves. In the first experimental system, the signals are generated by an antenna measurement station using the Gunn oscillator with microstrip antenna for the practical measurement. The Wavelet and Fourier transforms are then applied to denoise and analyze the Doppler frequencies of the returned signals to estimate the speeds of a Helicopter model. The second experimental system is presented for target recognizing by combining GTD and Wavelets for stepped-frequency signals generated from a Microwave tranceiver system. The scattering centers revealed the shape of the investigated model are successfully recognized for a flat rectangle aluminum piece in the microwave laboratory of the department. The practical measurements are carried out in a reflection-free environment with an anechoic chamber. All programs for signal analysis are written in MATLAB.

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