Optimizing the Downlink for Mobile Wireless Devices

M. Methfessel, H. Frankenfeldt, K.F. Dombrowski, and R. Kraemer (Germany)


TCP, wireless link errors, mobile devices.


The performance of handheld mobile terminals is critical for future wireless Internet applications. Previous suggestions to improve the performance generally modify the TCP or link-layer protocols. In contrast, we choose a framework which restricts all modifications to the mobile device in order to permit easy deployment. For the uplink from the mobile to the base station, previously discussed adaptive link-layer methods can be used, which work by adjusting the transmission parameters to the channel quality. For the downlink, new complementary ideas are needed, for which two examples are presented in this paper. The results show that optimization restricted to the mobile terminal is an effective strategy to save power and improve data transmission in a wireless LAN.

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