New Method for Calculating Pair-wise Error Probability of Space-time Signals

C.C. Ko and M. Tianyu (Singapore)


Pair-wise error probability, Space-time, Rayleigh flat fading channel, probability density function, maximum entropy principle.


We propose a new algorithm for calculating the pair-wise error probability of unitary and non-unitary space-time signals in multiple-antenna communication systems. The space-time signals are assumed to be transmitted through a quasi-static Rayleigh flat fading channel. It is shown that the pair-wise error probability of any two space-time signals depends on the cumulative probability of y , which is the difference between sums of squares of two correlated sequences of Gaussian random variables. Although the probability density function of y cannot be obtained theoretically, we present an approach to calculate its moments and derive an approximation to its probability density function by using the principle of maximum entropy. Then, the pair-wise error probability, which is the probability that y is greater than 0, can be calculated.

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