Polarization Mode Dispersion Mitigation for 40Gbits/s NRZ Optical Communication Systems

G. Lorenzetto, A. Galtarossa, M. Santagiustina, C.G. Someda, L. Palmieri, and R. Fiorone (Italy)


Fiber polarization effects, Fiber optic communications, Fiber propagation characteristics, Transmitter and receiver subsystems, High-speed transmission modeling and algorithms.


In this paper we show by means of numerical simulations that higher-order polarization mode dispersion compensation enhances the chance to guarantee error free transmission for 40 Gbit/s channels. Polarization mode dispersion mitigation is possible by cascading several first-order compensating stages; however, only two- or three-stage devices remain simple enough to be actually controlled. The performance of two- and three-stage polarization mode dispersion compensators is numerically tested in order to evaluate their impact on optical communication systems. In particular the effect of changing the feedback signals, needed to control the optical device, has been studied. Feedback strategies play a key role in optimizing mitigation efficiency. By a proper control of the optical device, first- and higher-order polarization dispersion distortion of non-return-to-zero pulses, at 40 Gbit/s, can be strongly mitigated for a mean differential group delay up to 10 ps.

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