Effects of Stimulated Scattering on the Gain of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers

H. Aghababaeian and T. Toosi (Iran)


Optical Amplifier, EDFA, Nonlinear Fiber Optic, SRS, SBS.


The effects of fiber nonlinearity on signal propagation in EDFAs are hardly considered. Hereby, we will study the effects of SRS and SBS in distributed EDFAs. The results of modeling and simulation have shown that the SRS will affect the noise and spectral gain of amplifier and the SBS will cause backward scattering of the pump light and causes a reduction in the gain of DEDFAs. The Numerical results will be detailed, possibility of using SRS for gain broadening in EDFAs will be described and the threshold value of laser linewidth for minimizing the gain reduction due to SBS will be obtained.

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