OFDM Synchronizer Implementation for an IEEE 802.11a Compliant Modem

A. Troya, K. Maharatna, M. Krstić, E. Grass, and R. Kraemer (Germany)


OFDM, Synchronization, IEEE802.11a, ASIC design.


For OFDM transmissions, synchronization is one of the most performance critical operations. Synchronization is needed for preservation of orthogonality: timing offsets and frequency offsets destroy easily this orthogonality, leading to Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) as well as Inter Carrier Interference (ICI). This paper is focused on the implementation of a synchronizer for the IEEE 802.11a standard [1], which is based on the OFDM transmission scheme. Details on the different blocks included in this implementation are provided. We finish our exposition with a comparison of our solution, which is based on the one presented in [2] with two other solutions found in the literature in [4] and [5].

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