Performance of OFDM-CPM Signals over Wireless Fading Channels

I.A. Tasadduq and R.K. Rao (Canada)


OFDM, CPM, BER, Fading Channels


A class of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Continuous Phase Modulation (OFDM-CPM) signals is in troduced in which binary data sequence is mapped to com plex symbols using the concept of correlated phase states of a CPM signal. Multiple-symbol-observation receiver is used to decode the received sequence and an investiga tion of Bit-Error-Rate (BER) over typical wireless multi path channels with AWGN is presented. The performance of a variety of OFDM-CPM signals is presented and anal ysed. It is a function of parameter h and observation in terval, both of which are at the disposal of system de signer. It is shown that OFDM-CPM is a promising sig naling scheme in multipath fading channels. Results for multi-h and asymmetric OFDM-CPM signals are also pre sented.

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