Performance Analysis of a Frequency Offset Correction Method for an OFDM System

S. Rauhala, N. Birkett, and J. Wight (Canada)


OFDM, Pilot-Assisted, Frequency Offset Tracking, IEEE 802.11a


The ability to track carrier frequency offsets in IEEE 802.11a architectures is imperative for the proper decoding of high data-rate information. A method to detect and correct a carrier frequency offset in an IEEE 802.11a architecture is proposed. The tracking frequency offset (TFO) design exploits the use of the pilot symbols found in each OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed) data symbol. The system is simulated under multi-path and noise conditions that would be expected from an indoor wireless local area network. Simulation results show that the TFO architecture is capable of accurately detecting and correcting a small frequency offset that could typically occur in the data portion of a packet.

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