Turbo Decoding for Hard-detected Signals of Fiber Optical Communications

C. Zheng, T. Yamazato, H. Okada, M. Katayama, and A. Ogawa (Japan)


turbo decoding, error-detected reliability, error-detected state, fiber optical communication


We propose a method to realize the soft-decision decod ing for the hard-detected signals. In this paper, a novel concept is introduced as “error-detected reliability”. The method is very useful for an optical fiber communication (OFC) as hard detection is the only detection method for the OFC systems. We demonstrate our proposed method using the turbo code in which the soft information is re quired for the decoding. As a result, the simulation shows slight difference in the range of moderate to high signal to-noise ratio between the proposed decoding scheme and the conventional turbo decoding. Moreover, the bit error rate of 10−11 can be achieved by serial concatenation of Reed-Solomon and turbo code for Q-factor lower than 8.0 dB with the bandwidth expansion ratio of 33.3%.

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