Software Implementation and Performance Evaluation of WCDMA Physical Layer

T. Kim, J. Lee, and S.-C. Park (Korea)


CDMA system Performance, WCDMA, SDR, SoftwareRadio, Physical Layer


In this paper, we implemented the WCDMA physical layer in terms of full software in the commercial computer that has the 1.4GHz-clocked Pentiumâ„¢ CPU. The operation of communication is done in the downlink modulation and demodulation including the transport channel. The established system requires about 12 seconds for processing the data of 40ms in the first prototype version. But the hardware-wise version, the fourth systems requires 250ms for same data. Consequently, when the clock speed of CPU becomes faster than 8GHz, alternatively, when partial hardware module dedicated to several critical blocks in terms of processing time are employed, the real time software WCDMA physical layer system can be operated in the general-purpose computer.

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