On the Capacity of a Hybrid CDMA/WDMA System

P.-H. Chang (Taiwan)


Code-division multiple-access (CDMA), spread-time (ST)CDMA, wavelength-division multiple-access (WDMA),hybrid system.


In this paper a hybrid code-division multiple access/wavelength-division multiple-access local area network is proposed. The CDMA scheme that is used is based upon spectral encoding, which is best viewed as a spread-time (ST) scheme. The system description of ST-CDMA is reviewed, and the CDMA/WDMA system model is developed. The bit error rate (BER), as a function of data rates and numbers of CDMA and WDMA users, and receiver threshold, is calculated. The capacity of the system at a pre-determined BER is then obtained. For example, if 512 chips are used to encode each CDMA user and the interference is suppressed, the system can simultaneously accommodate more than 100 CDMA users and more than 30 WDMA users, achieving a total throughput of around 670 Gbps at a BER of 10 9− .

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