A Generalized Scheduling Algorithm for HRPD Wireless Networks

P.A. Hosein (USA)


Scheduling, CDMA, Optimization, Performance


Future Third Generation (3G ) wireless networks will provide users with high speed data services. One 3G design which is presently being standardized, is High Rate Packet Data (HRPD also known as 1xEV-DO). HRPD is optimized for best-effort data services. In HRPD, all users share an important limited resource, the air interface. In order to maximize the revenue and/or utility of the service provided, one must optimally schedule this limited resource among users. However, since each service provider may wish to use different revenue and/or utility functions and/or sup port different classes of users, the scheduling mechanism must be flexible and easy to use. In this paper we describe one approach to providing such flexibility. The schedul ing algorithm described herein can also be applied to other standards such as 1xEV-DV.

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