A Comparison Study of 3G System Proposals: CDMA2000 vs. WCDMA

E.A. Yavuz and V. Leung (Canada)


WCDMA, cdma2000, 3G Proposals,Standardization, radio access networks, IMT – 2000, TIATR45.5.


With the introduction of the third generation systems (IMT-2000), second generation capabilities (voice and low/medium rate data) are extended adding multimedia capabilities to second-generation platforms such as support for high bit rates and introduction of packet data/IP access. In this paper the technical features of the two IMT-2000 radio interface proposals, ARIB/ETSI’s WCDMA and TIA’s cdma2000, are discussed and a comparison is being made regarding their performances. After the similarities are given briefly, the study is more focused on the differences that are affecting the performance. Main issues of the differences are examined in detail to find out the benefits or the drawbacks that those issues bring to each proposal.

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