Wideband CDMA Receivers for 3G Wireless Communications: Algorithm and Implementation Study

A.O. Dahmane and D. Massicotte (Canada)


Multiuser detection (MUD), DSP, VLSI implementation, WCDMA, Wireless communication, 3G.


The WCDMA (Wideband Codes Division Multiple Access) immerged as a solution for the third generation (3G) wireless systems to meet the requirements of the market. To achieve high-speed transmission, dictated by multi-media transport on the cellular phones, more reliable receivers must be used. One of the key blocks bringing out the performance improvement to the receiver is the use of multiuser detectors (MUD) to perform channel equalization and MAI suppressers which are the subject of this paper. An introduction on the Rake receivers, MMSE, interference cancellation detectors and TDMA equalizers applied to the CDMA is presented. The inefficiency of the Rake receiver, proposed in actual systems, in a typical UMTS environment is shown. Moreover, the possibilities of their implementation in VLSI technology and/or DSP are discussed.

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