"PMANAGER" - An Expert System in Project Manager

G. Prostean and O. Prostean (Romania)


expert system, planning, scheduling, monitoring, and shortening.


The aim of this paper is to present an expert system in Project Management –“PMANAGER”. It is based on the premise that the system can be viewed as a combination of project management technique description, which includes a requirement specification, a design and an implementation, and that this description should be managed as a knowledge base. The paper outlines the features of this system implementation in a company. PMANAGER-expert is an experimental expert system for assisting project managers in shortening and monitoring the planner. Once the PMANAGER-expert is launched in progress, its functions will be combined at the different levels, depending of the users needs. The base functions of the system are: Planing, Diagnosis, Supervising and Forecast.

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