Fuzzy Transition Time Petri Net for Temporal Reasoning of DEDS and Its Application

H.-S. Hwang, S.-C. Joo, Y.-S. Mo, J.-K. Kim, and J.-C. Kim (Korea)


Temporal reasoning, Fuzzy Transition Time Petri Nets, Discrete event dynamic systems, Traffic signal control, Fuzzy control


This paper presents a fuzzy transition time Petri net (FTTPN) with fuzzy theory to determine the optimal temporal reasoning in the discrete event dynamic systems. Time perti net (TPN) is one of methods to model and analyze discrete event dynamic systems (DEDS's) with real time values. It has two time values, the earliest firing time iα and the latest firing time iβ for the each transition. To determine the optimal transition firing time, we proposed the FTTPN based on the TPN and fuzzy controller. The optimal transition firing time iγ between iα and iβ is determined from fuzzy theory through the input information without complex computation and any other conditions. The traffic signal controller in an intersection as its application is modeled and analyzed by the FTTPN. The significant properties of the FTTPN are shown by simulation and modeling of the traffic controller.

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