Argument Reduction Algorithms for Multi-valued Relations

M. Pleban, H. Niewiadomski, P. Buciak, and P. Sapiecha (Poland), S. Yanushkevich and V. Shmerko (Canada)



This article presents a novel algorithm for the relation variable reduction (RVR for short) problem. It is nec essary to stress that this problem is more general that the function variable reduction (FVR) problem, which has been studied by many authors. A few algorithms for the FVR have been already invented and imple mented as a software. Unfortunately, those algorithms are not suitable for the RVR. The authors of this pa per present an algorithm, that is capable of solving this problem, which until now hasn’t been invented. The main factor, on which this new method i based on, is the well-known combinatorial property, namely the Helly property.

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