Developing a Profiler in the Arms Platform

G. Owusu, C. Voudouris, R. Dorne, and D. Lesaint (UK)


Resource Profiling, Optimisation, Planning andScheduling


Accurate resource management is critical to a company’s performance and profitability. Since performance and profitability is dependent on the number of jobs being serviced, an optimal deployment of resources should be driven by the demand of work rather than the other way round. Unfortunately, current resource management systems fail to provide tools to generate resource profiles that reflect the work demand profile. The reason for this relative paucity of tools for profiling resources may be due to a preoccupation with planning and scheduling, thus relegating profiling to a minor role in resource management. In this paper we describe the development of a system for profiling resources using a bucket comparison approach. The profiler, a decision support tool to help resource managers decide how best to deploy their resources, is part of the ARMS platform for resource management in BT Retail. The profiler is build atop iOpt, BTExact Technologies optimisation and scheduling toolkit.

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