Translating News Headings from English to Hindi

R.M.K. Sinha (India)


News Headlines, Translation, English to Hindi, NLP.


A news heading is meant to convey the primary focus of the news item. As it is in an abstracted form, it may have a grammar of its own. Many a time, it uses an oblique/inflected form of tense and narration. This obliqueness may be different in different languages. For example, an English heading “Hundreds die in flood” is actually used to convey “Hundreds died in flood” denoting occurrence of an event. It is this past tense form that should get translated into the target language and not the present tense form of the English source. However, a heading such as “Hundreds die in flood every year”, should remain the same for translation as it reflects continuity of an event. In this paper, I have considered the problem of translating news headings from English to Hindi. The strategy consists of categorizing English news headings into a number of classes and providing transformation rules for obtaining the expanded form of the heading. The expanded form of the heading is then translated into Hindi and then skimmed to yield the corresponding news heading in Hindi.

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