Ore-Age: An Agent for Mining Method Selection

C. Guray, N. Celebi, V. Atalay, and A. Gunhan (Turkey)


Software agents, mining method selection, fuzzy logic, neuro-fuzzy systems.


Mining method selection is among the most critical and problematic points in mining engineering profession. Choosing a suitable method for a given orebody is very important for the economics, safety and the productivity of the mining work. In the past studies there are attempts to build up a systematic approach to help the engineers to make this selection. But, these approaches work based on static databases and fail in inserting the intuitive feelings and engineering judgements of experienced engineers to the selection process. In this study, a system based on eleven different expert systems and one interface agent is developed, to make mining method selection for the given orebodies. The agent Ore-Age, to follow his goal of supplying the maximum assistance to engineers in selecting the most suitable method for a specific orebody, tries to learn the experiences of the experts he has faced. After this learning process the knowledge base is evolved to include these experiences, making the system more efficient and intuitive in mining method selection work.

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