The Application of Genetic Algorithms to the Genomic Sequence Analysis

M. Yasunaga, I. Yoshihara (Japan), and J.H. Kim (USA)


genomic sequence, genetic algorithm, VLSI design


In this paper, the evolvable reasoning hardware and its genetic-algorithm-based design methodology is applied to the analysis of genomic sequences. In the evolvable reasoning hardware, each reasoning task’s case database is transformed into truth tables, which are evolved to obtain generalization capability through genetic algorithms. Circuits are synthesized from the evolved truth tables. Because the parallelism in each task can be embedded directly in the circuits by the direct hardware implementation of the case database, the evolved reasoning hard ware provides high speed reasoning with small circuit size. We develop a prototype of the reasoning hardware and apply it to the exon/intron boundary prediction that is one of the most important tasks in bioinformatics.

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