Layered Debugging in Generic Agent Architectures

C.-A. Brunet (Canada)


Artificial Intelligence, Software Tools, Debugging Agent Systems, Layered Debugging, CIPE


Multiagent system debugging is an important and arduous phase of the life cycle of an agent system. Still, historically, it has always been a neglected topic of research. Many techniques, such as layered debugging, can help in easing the testing campaigns. Layered debugging can help reduce the overload of information that can be generated. It can also help in the incremental disclosure of pertinent information. This paper presents the CIPE agent architecture, its layered debugging functionalities and its debugging tools. CIPE is a multi-layered architecture that is well adapted to layered debugging. Its debugging functionalities are deeply rooted in its core layers and provide standardised functionalities to agent developers. As will be shown, CIPE is based on novel concepts and provides functionalities for remote controlled debugging and monitoring of multiagent systems.

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