Adaptive Emotional Agents in Learning Context

J. Faivre, R. Nkambou, and C. Frasson (Canada)


Emotions, Learning, Adaptation, Intelligent Tutoring Systems


Our project concerns the improvement of computer-based learning by the means of a lifelike presence in the learning environment. The approach combines Intelligent Tutoring System works with research on human emotion in Cognitive Science, Psychology and Communication. According for the relations between emotion, cognition and action in contextual learning, we propose an ITS model based on a multiagent architecture in which two adaptive emotional agents have been integrated. One is designed to elicit and analyse the learner’s emotional experiences by mean of his interactions with the system, whereas the second manifests the tutor’s emotional non-verbal expressions using a 3D embodied agent. We present here the current system’s internal architecture, a first implementation focusing on the tutor’s agents and future research perspectives.

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