Agent-based Management and Unification of NGN and Personal Services

B. Falchuk, K. Cheng, F. Lin, B. Pinheiro, and V. Jokubaitis (USA)


Intelligent Agents, Distributed Coordination, Semantics based Messaging, NGN Services.


This paper outlines the design and implementation of a platform that enables heterogeneous services to interact, by way of an intermediary agent-based system, in a way that would otherwise be infeasible. In turn, these interaction capabilities give Service Providers opportunities for new types of value-added service offerings and aggregations to their customers, thereby increasing revenues while limiting management and rollout costs. The services we talk of are beyond telephony – e.g. communications and data services, including Next Generation Network (NGN) Internet Protocol (IP) services, Internet-based, and personal desktop services. Our platform uses intelligent agent technologies such as JADE and FIPA ACL and is governed by service ontologies, negotiation patterns, and event reconciliation intelligence. As such, it is a testament to the applicability, suitability, and rising need for distributed AI techniques - such as intelligent agents – as fundamental parts of NGN service management.

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