Dimensions of Teleautonomy in Mobile Agents

J. Anderson and A. Wurr (Canada)


intelligent agents, teleautonomy, multi-agentsystems, real-time processing, stigmergy, intentions.


Teleautonomy, the remote issuance of instructions for control of an agent that is intended to function semi autonomously while employing those instructions, is an important issue in intelligent agency. In most cases where intelligent agents are employed, we neither wish to directly control every detail, nor trust them to deal completely autonomously with every important task. Similarly, in multi-agent settings, agents must similarly instruct and be instructed by other agents. This paper breaks the concept of Teleautonomy into a spectrum along several dimensions for research purposes, emphasizing the demands each dimension places upon an intelligent agent. We also describe two current approaches to teleautonomy in mobile agents that together cover a breadth of this range.

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