Visualization Methods for Heat Transport in Miami Isopycnic Circulation Ocean Model (MICOM)

R. Balasubramanian, V. Shah, and A. Tandon (USA)



In this paper we propose visualization approaches inspired by physical metrics for measuring heat transport in ocean data. We propose metrics that have physical significance in the context of Physical Oceanograhy. We propose methods to visualize the heat index (a metric we define that looks at heat transport at individual latitude-longitude points that combine temperature, depth and velocity). Plotting the heat indices provides the range of latitudes and longitudes where there is significant activity (defined later). These regions are visualized using vector fields and other visualization tech niques. The enormous amount of data generated by MI COM can be considerably reduced for the purpose of cli mate diagnostics, using this approach. The model is demon strated on data from several days and different layers of the Atlantic ocean.

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